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Our mission to give the general public access to the best clothing and equipment in the world. See our latest developments here.

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Ultimate Cold Weather Jackets

Arctic Parkas

Insulated Jackets

Utilised on the most elite of expeditions, our insulated jackets have been tested down to -40° so whether you're hiking or mountaineering, our jackets will withstand any test.

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Hard Shell Jackets

Battle tested hard shell jackets to weather any storm, with the latest in waterproof & water repellent technology.

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Versatile soft shell jackets

Hybrid Jackets


They’ve been hauled up some of the highest mountains in the world, rappelled down vertical cliffs and thrown out of planes at 14,000ft.

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Mid Layers

Bolster your armoury with our mid layers, designed to provide robust protection from the harsh winter elements.

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Embrace the elements

Base Layers


Put on your armour, prepare for battle in the latest in activewear technology.

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Show your colours in the latest in ThruDark apparel.

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Show your colours

Accessories Range