Carry the Storm

The Aigis is said to have been an animal skin, shield, or breastplate worn by the greatest of the ancient Greek gods, Athena and Zeus.

It's name has several meanings - translated literally it means "violent windstorm" and the idea of "Zeus holding the aigis" may have been a story told to explain how "the sky carries the storm".

Our latest interpretation of this legendary icon is in the form of a resolute, three-layer waterproof shell - the Aigis Jacket. There was no better story we could think of that combined all the themes of the story we wanted to tell. We wanted something that speaks to the power of nature and the ultimate protection from this, a story that defines the longevity of expert craftsmanship and inspires the doing of great deeds.


WaterProof Shield

AIGIS Jacket

A four-season, three-layer waterproof shell jacket inspired by other-world legend, built by real-world experience. Designed to provide all-round protection for alpinism and mountaineering.

The Aigis was a shield carried by the ancient Greek gods Athena and Zeus, its literal translation is “violent storm”.

Our latest 3L waterproof shell jacket is designed to provide the ultimate protection from the elements through the use of uncompromising eVent® fabric technology.