Overwatch Warranty

Sh*t happens - sometimes kit fails, sometimes you fail your kit. 

ThruDark Overwatch is a Tier One warranty policy like no other. If something goes wrong with your kit, trust that our Overwatch team has got your back.

In the event that a ThruDark product fails due to a manufacturing defect, it may be replaced or repaired at the discretion of our Overwatch team. Please note that replacements are made subject to stock availability and we reserve the right to offer a full refund in lieu of any faulty items under warranty.

In order to call in Overwatch cover, email Support@ThruDark.com with the following intel:

- The order number for the original purchase of the product;

- Pictures of the garment and the damage/material failure;

- As much information as possible as to how the damage was caused (Think When? - Where? - How?); and

- Confirmation of how the garment has been treated when washing and drying.

Please note that Overwatch cannot guarantee cover caused by:


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