Best Insulated Jackets of 2024

Insulated jackets, there are a lot out there - but which one is the best for you? Here, ThruDark’s in-house experts break down the best insulated jackets of 2024.

Meet the experts:

Anthony “Staz” Stazicker CGC, Co-Founder

Staz spent 13 years serving in the UK military, 10 of these were spent within UK Special Forces as a highly experienced, multi-skilled, chief sniper instructor and demolitions expert. He has been involved in a range of operations across every hostile environment on the planet from desert, to jungle to arctic tundra and mountain regions. Staz has also been awarded the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross for combat actions conducted in Afghanistan in 2013.

“As snipers we were considered kit pests. We were forever doctoring our kit to make it fit for purpose whether that meant sewing additional insulation for long stationary periods in the cold or repurposing heavy duty tent fabric and stitching this into elbow and knee pads for further protection when taking up firing positions."

Louis Tinsley, Co-Founder

Louis Tinsley has 14 years distinguished and decorated military service, 8 years of which were spent within UK Special Forces.

“As UK Special Forces operators, we were equipped with the highest specification kit and clothing for the operation at hand. That said, we were always critical of the way it performed and now we found ourselves at the forefront of developing clothing to meet our high demands.”

Ben Hewitt, Product Director

Ben has over 20 years’ experience in product innovation having worked with outdoor and sportswear at Animal, AS Adventure Group and WiggleCRC. His particular interest is in fabric technology and he regularly works closely with leading textile innovators from Polartec, to Schoeller and Primaloft, to name but a few.

“When designing insulated jackets there are three imperatives to bear in mind, fabric, fit and function. You need to use the right insulation for the task and environment, the fit needs to be correct to minimise heat loss and the jacket itself needs to remain functional whether you’re climbing or on a multi-day trek."

Best insulated jacket for: Weight and compressibility

Best for weight and compressibility


"We’ve been really excited about the Ithax Jacket for a while now as its a very different angle from what we’ve done in the past. Most consumers want something that is light enough and packable enough for everyday use, but still guarantees them a level of protection when they step outside their comfort zone. Ithax is that insulated jacket to take with you everywhere.” - Ben

The Ithax Jacket stands out amongst the ThruDark insulated jackets range for its lighter weight and versatility.

Constructed from a ThruDark-own proprietary mini ripstop fabric with 100% pre consumer recycled nylon for a minimal carry weight. The Ithax Jacket is filled with a synthetic PrimaLoft(R) Silver insulation that utilises the manufacturer’s trademarked Cross Core(™) technology. Cross Core uses space age Aerogel silica to create the lightest solid fibres on the planet, perfect for use in performance clothing.

Best insulated jacket for: Weather resistance

Best for Weather resistance

Engage Jacket

"The key to the Engage Jacket is its use of synthetic insulation which works better in wet or damp conditions. Unlike down, synthetic insulation doesn’t absorb water and clump allowing it to maintain its lofted structure and the heat that this traps. Synthetic insulation will also dry quicker, preventing your body temperature from dropping too dramatically if you do end up getting wet.” - Ben

The Engage Jacket is designed to offer all-round use across both dry cold and wet cold environments. With PrimaLoft(R) Gold Active+ insulation the jacket has a 0.92 Clo value making it similar to a mid range down fill jacket (between 500 and 550). It can certainly handle the cold. However what it can also handle, that most down jackets can’t, is moisture.

Not only will the synthetic construction of the Engage Jacket help wick sweat, making it fit for dynamic activities in cold climates but the jacket will retain heat better when wet and dry quicker also. This makes the Engage Jacket ideal for climates like the UK where it can be used year round as a go-to insulated option.

Best insulated jacket for: Breathability

Best for Breathability

Recoil Jacket

“We love the Recoil Jacket owing to its simple yet effective innovation. Like many down jackets it features insulation focused around the body’s core and the length of the arms. However, what sets it apart is its back vent, made from an Italian four-way stretch material, designed to improve breathability when carrying a backpack long distances. A simple problem, solved with a simple solution.” - Louis

The Recoil Jacket is totally unique by design. With 750 fill power goose down concentrated around the body’s core and arms you’d be forgiven for thinking this was like any other insulated jacket – but you’d be wrong.

Look at the jacket from behind and you will notice a tailored back panel, made from a wind and water resistant Italian four-way stretch fabric. Its purpose is simple: to keep your back ventilated whilst carrying a pack. Providing insulation in a practical capacity for long distance hiking and trekking endeavours.

Best insulated jacket for: Aesthetic

Best for Aesthetic

Melee Jacket

“The Melee Jacket is my go-to for everyday wear. With 750 fill power goose down it packs enough punch to see you through winter but its overshirt style with that stiffened collar makes it a winner for more casual engagements.” - Staz

With a rip-stop Pertex Quantum shell encasing 750 fill power down and stronger than steel “Manju” fabric reinforcements, do not for one minute rule the Melee out as a high performance, hard wearing, weatherproof insulated jacket. The Melee Jacket has carved out a place as an understated insulated jacket that combines functionality with a sharp aesthetic.

Best insulated jacket for: Comfort



“The Breach Jacket is my personal favourite insulated jacket. It’s a no nonsense zip-through packed with down and with a drop hem design that gives you a bit more coverage than a conventional jacket cut. The Cordura reinforcements on the shoulders and arms provide reinforcement against abrasion when load carrying … it’s built like a tank.” - Louis

The Breach Jacket is a boxy, high lofted down jacket with an incredibly warm 750 fill power goose down. This down insulation is focused around the body’s core, arms and head (where you lose between 40-45 % of your body temperature in cold conditions). The Breach Jacket has a zip through design allowing you to vent as required in changing conditions, giving you slightly more control over your body temperature.

Hand warmer pockets and chest pockets, as well as a series of internal pockets allow you to carry expedition essentials with ease and Cordura reinforcements on the shoulders lessen the burden of additional carry weight in your backpack. Oversized zip pulls are added to make sure you can keep your gloves on when accessing pockets. Similar to previous, both the hood and waist of the jacket can be cinched shut to maximise insulation.

Best insulated jacket for: The end of the world



“We called it ‘The End of Days’ Parka for a reason - we really threw the kitchen sink at this one. We took what we knew worked already and added a lot more of what we know works already, plus a few additional innovations for maximum performance.” - Ben

The End of Days Parka is a waterproof, windproof and insulated down fill expedition parka designed to withstand the worst conditions in the world.

Constructed from an eVent® DValpine waterproof membrane, packed with premium goose down fill and lined with leading Polartec® High Loft™ fabric - the End of Days Parka offers maximum elemental protection.

Bristling with a host of expedition critical features from the finest synthetic fur hood, oversized cuff adjustments, fleece lined pockets, Cohaesive™ cord lock technology and an inbuilt snow skirt. Every detail of the ThruDark End of Days Parka has been designed with optimum functionality in mind.

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