Ollie Ollerton joined the Royal Marines at 18 years of age where he embarked on operational tours of Northern Ireland and Operation Desert Storm in Iraq. Following five years service with the Marines, Ollie was recommended for Special Forces selection. He would go on to become one of just five candidates to pass selection from his intake, which originally numbered 250.

Having passed selection Olllie joined the Special Boat Service where he trained as a Combat Frogman. Through his 6 years of combat he undertook a number of high profile missions both on land and sea ranging from hostage rescue, counter narcotics, counter terrorism and homeland security.

You shouldn’t always be looking forward, sometimes you need to look back and reflect. We think we've always got to reach that summit but it's so important that we keep looking back and take stock of everything we've done, everything we've learned, how far we've come and the fact that we're still here.

Ollie Ollerton | Ambassador



Upon leaving the Special Forces, Ollie was a key member of the inaugural Directing Staff alongside fellow ThruDark Ambassador Jason Fox on Channel 4's SAS: Who Dares Wins - a television show that brought the realism of elite military service to the fore of public perception.

Ollie has used his extensive Special Forces experience to educate and inform as a public speaker, bestselling author and founder of Break-Point Academy, a workplace programme designed to maximise team performance.