Polartec® Delta™


Available in both short and long sleeve designs, the Delta T-Shirt is a highly breathable, half-zip activewear t-shirt constructed from innovative Polartec® Delta™ cooling fabric and ideal for activity in intense heat.

Polartec® Delta™ is a cooling technology designed to sit next to skin for enhanced moisture-wicking and fast-drying capability.

Delta works more efficiently than conventional fabrics by elevating touch-points so that the fabric sits ever so slightly raised, rather than directly lying flat on the skin. This increases airflow, hastens moisture dispersal, and reduces the cling of the fabric when wet.

Super Biflex Chrono-Carbon Rip-Stop

Carbon Shirt & Trousers

The lightweight and quick-drying Carbon Shirt and Carbon Trousers are constructed from chrono-carbon, rip-stop fabric for optimum thermal regulation when trekking in arid climates.

As you perspire in arid conditions, the yarns in this fabric contract, allowing more of the infrared radiation emitted by the body to pass through - cooling you down. When cool and dry the opposite process occurs, the yarn expands, trapping infrared radiation and heat by extension.


72Hr MErino T-Shirt

A pure merino wool t-shirt so-called as it has been designed for multi-day expeditions where travelling light is essential.

Naturally thermal regulating, fast drying and odour resistant the 72hr Merino T-Shirt can be worn for up to 3 days without needing washing.



A packable, windproof shell jacket designed for maximum weatherproofing at a minimal carry burden whilst hiking, trekking or when on multi-day expeditions.

Constructed from a ThruDark proprietary fabric and treated with a Durable Water Repellant.