Modern popular concepts of “a circular economy”, “repair don’t replace”, and “upcycling” are nothing new to those familiar with extreme conditions.

Repurposing, repairing, and resourcing were vital habits instilled in us during our time in the Special Forces. Experience taught us a proactive dexterity to fashion and fix whilst on the go and a reactive dynamism to overcome adversity when kit bends and breaks. This mindset can often be the difference between success and failure when on expeditions.

Resurgence is our commitment to resourcefulness, turning adversity into opportunity and snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.

Our most sustainable garments are those that we as a brand have already produced. To build on that sustainability, and offer you greater accessibility to our range, each garment undergoes the Resurgence process below:


how it works

At ThruDark, these concepts are known simply as Resurgence. Resurgence is our mission to repair, repurpose and redeploy garments wherever possible – because the most sustainable garment is the one you have already.



Any minor rips, tears or wear are repaired by our team. Such faults might include fabric failures, missed or oversewn seams, snapped draw cords or even missing buttons.



Garments with simple aesthetic defects are retained, not discarded. It may be that they have lost insignia or bear slight fabric discolouration but they perform to high standards all the same. If a garment is beyond repair, our team considers how best to reuse fabrics and components from the garment in the repair of others.



Once a garment has passed the necessary quality control checks, it is made ready for your next expedition and re-listed for sale. The newly resurgent garment remains fit for purpose and we will never re-list anything we would not trust ourselves.

“When we were abroad on missions we didn’t have space for several sets of kit. As a result it became imperative that we were able to fix and make good use of what kit we had.”

Staz, Co-Founder

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