"Show Your Colours"

To those who once set sail on the high seas in search of fame and fortune, to “show your colours” was a way of determining friend from foe. What would begin with a simple black flag hoisted to show “no quarter given” would eventually culminate with one of the most haunting and enduring icons of modern history – the “Jolly Roger”. During the first world war, the Jolly Roger (also known as “the skull and crossbones”), would be flown by British submarines upon their safe return to port following battle with the enemy.

Here at ThruDark, our subtlety is our strength. With our muted colour schemes often identifying our garments before you catch sight of our insignia. A “fashion brand” say some, but how many fashion brands do you know that seek the shadows? Whether you’re an Obsidian Black, Khaki, Charcoal Grey or even an Optic White – show your colours and let those who know, know. Let a glimpse of insignia or a grin from Jolly Roger distinguish friend from foe.

Endeavour Through Adversity


Our name “ThruDark” is a nod to our Special Forces heritage where many of our operations were conducted in the dead of night. Darkness would often be the best guarantee of success, with the element of surprise enabling us to get the drop on a target.

The meaning is twofold and our name also references our mantra “Endeavour Through Adversity” or the resilience to overcome difficult situations.

Darkness is inevitable, whether it be a physical or mental obstacle, all we can do is continue to push on in spite of it. ThruDark is our name, let it be both a warning to our targets and a reminder to our friends.

Sign of the Wolf


Our Insignia combines the heraldry of our regiment cap badge with the gravity of the ancient symbol Antimony.

Antimony is a lustrous grey metalloid which has been used since ancient times. In metallurgy it was roasted with impure gold to remove the gold’s impurities and silver – leaving the pure gold intact. It is for this reason that Antimony is known as “Wolf Metal”, because it devours all but gold.

Antimony is also associated with the wild, untempered ferocity of human instinct. Commonly also represented as a wolf, Antimony is an icon of protection, transformation and adaptability.

No Quarter Given


To give no quarter is to show no mercy and to be relentless in pursuit of an objective. It is an unapologetic message of no compromise.

That may be a message you tell yourself, a subconscious challenge to not letting up in a physical or mental pursuit. It may even be a message you share with your opponent, when you draw a line in the sand and demand nothing but the best each man or woman can give.

This is the essence of what “No Quarter Given” demands, commitment. That is all. Some are able to rise to that, others are not. Make sure you fall in with the former.